Planned development in Indico


Indico 2.2 :heavy_check_mark:

Fully funded by CERN.

  • New Room Booking UI
    • And better integration with Event module
  • New event log interface;
  • New Technologies: Webpack, ES6, React, Redux
    • starting process towards gradually retiring jQuery and legacy JS;

Indico 2.3 :hammer_and_pick:

Mostly funded by CERN, in collaboration with the JACoW collaboration. Some contributions from IEEE.

  • Abstract Reviewing improvements (e.g. invitation/confirmation workflows)
    • incl. a couple sponsored by IEEE (e.g. 3346)
  • Paper Reviewing improvements (webhook-based integration with external workflows)
  • Category-linked user groups (sponsored by IEEE)
  • Technology:
    • allowing our custom made CSS co-exist with SemanticUI
    • starting process towards gradually retiring custom CSS (focusing improvements in our SemanticUI theme)

PoC/Sprints :runner:


  • CERN Access Plugin - registration of license plates;


Indico 3

  • Python 3.8 (which will come out still in 2019)
    • Python 2 no longer supported

Still to schedule (but foreseen in 2020)

Funded by CERN

  • Unlisted events (not connected to any category) (~Mar 2020);
  • Indico as the missing piece in Groupware:
    • Improved home page with dashboard;
    • Layered view based on favourite categories/events;
    • “Stub events” with no date;
    • Easier event creation/invite workflow;
  • CalDAV bridge;
  • Lightweight registrations (~Sep 2020);

Help needed

We are trying as much as possible to find ways of solving these pending issues in due time. If you believe you could help with any of those, don’t hesitate to let us know.


  • User Interfaces
    • Responsive interfaces that work OK on mobile
    • Greater Accessibility (screenreaders, colourblind users, etc…)
  • Conferences
  • Technologies
    • Getting rid of Angular.js in Registration Form (reimplementing in React?)
    • Getting rid of legacy JS in timetable interface (React?)