Planned development in Indico


Indico 3.0 :heavy_check_mark: :loudspeaker:

Funded by CERN, with the help of of FNAL and BNL in the search module

Q1 2021

Indico 3.1 :hammer_and_pick:

Funded by CERN

Q3 2021

Indico 3.2

Funded by CERN

Q4 2021

PoC/Sprints :runner:

  • Webhooks for notifications (compatible with CERN Push Notifications);
  • Indico as the missing piece in Groupware:
    • Improved home page with dashboard;
    • Layered view based on favourite categories/events;
    • “Stub events” with no date;
    • Easier event creation/invite workflow;
  • Integration with CERNBox/ScienceMesh


Indico 3.3

Indico 3.4

Future :crystal_ball:

  • Version 2 of the REST API: granular scopes, endpoint versioning, OpenAPI support;
  • User Interfaces
    • Markdown-based minute editor
    • Improvements in material editor (e.g. better drag and drop)
    • Responsive interfaces that work OK on mobile
    • Greater Accessibility (screenreaders, colourblind users, etc…)