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Indico 2.3 - Made at home 🏠

We are very proud to announce version 2.3 of Indico which will be coming soon. This is the product of many months of development effort which encompassed, among others, the greatest world-wide lockdown ever seen. But even during the peak of the pandemic, Indico development never ceased, thanks to the resilience of the team and the help of the community.

The result is one of the richest Indico updates seen to date, with the new Paper Editing workflow representing the bulk of the effort but also including a plethora of improvements and fixes in various parts of the application, in great part thanks to contributions from the Community. In this regard, we would like to thank in particular the team managing Indico at the United Nations Office at Geneva for their contributions back to the Indico code base, as well as IEEE for having funded some of the developments.

You will find below a list of the most relevant features. The release changelog provides a full account of all improvements and bug fixes.

Editing Module

The flagship feature of this Indico release is the brand-new Editing module. It is meant to augment the features offered by the already existing Peer reviewing module (previously called Paper Reviewing), by providing an integrated and customizable workflow for Academic Paper Editing, as well as associated materials (posters and slides).

Choose what to review

You may choose which files in your contribution you would like to be reviewed - would you like to review the slides of all presentations? No problem.

Decide which files are accepted

The new Editing module introduces the concept of File type. Not only can you decide which file extensions are accepted and which naming conventions have to be followed, you can also decide which files are necessary for reviewing to be possible.

Wait for the files to arrive

Indico will enforce the file extensions and name format defined above.

Review the submitted material

Whether it’s papers, posters or slides, you will be able to request and suggest changes, as well as accept or reject the submission.


Registration Status in Contribution List

Thanks to this feature, it is now easy to see whether your speakers have already registered or not.

Reset Registration Approval

Event managers now can reset the approval state of an event registrant.

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by the United Nations Office in Geneva

Withdraw Registration

Registrants can now withdraw their registrations.

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by the United Nations Office in Geneva

Contributions and Timetable

“Draft” state for Contribution List

The Contribution List of new events will from now on be, by default, in “Draft” state. This ensures that contributions and all related menu items (e.g. Contribution List, Author List, Speaker List, Timetable) will be hidden from visitors. Whenever you are ready to publish your timetable, you can switch it to “Published” state.


This is only valid for newly-created events. Old events will remain in “Published” state unless changed.

Programme Codes

Indico can now generate programme codes for (sub-)contributions, session and session blocks, based on pre-configured sequences. These codes can be bulk-assigned and used to identify the corresponding event structures.

Subcontribution Management

Subcontributions can now be managed from the event’s display area.

Protection and ACLs

Limit access to Registrants

A highly requested feature since some time, events can now be set as accessible to registrants/participants only. It is now also possible to restrict invididual materials and custom conference menu items (links and pages) to registered users.

Category Roles

Category-specific groups of users (Category Roles) can now be created. They can be used across the category, allowing for more efficient protection of your events.

These list of roles can also be imported from CSV files.

Community Sponsorship

Feature kindly sponsored by IEEE

Import Roles from CSV file

User lists for roles (including new “Category Roles”) can now be imported from CSV files.

“Add myself” button

You can now easily add yourself to any author list (abstracts/contributions).

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by @jgrigera

Clearer display of implicit permissions

Some roles may imply, by definition, having access to the event. Indico now displays those in a clear way.


Editing Permissions

A recurring problem with some events was that allowing all (co-authors) to edit an abstract was undesirable. This behaviour can now be fine-tuned. You get to choose you can edit an abstract and later get submission rights over the resulting contribution.

Affiliation checks

When assigning papers to reviewers/judges managers are now shown the affiliation of the person in question, as well as a warning in case it overlaps with that of the paper.

Download Book of Abstracts in LaTeX

If you need to make changes to your Book of Abstracts before having it published/printed, you now can extract the LaTeX source code directly from Indico!

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by @bpedersen2 (MLZ)

Upload Custom BoA

Once you have a custom Book of Abstracts, you can upload it to Indico and replace the automatically-generated one.

Track Groups

You can now group tracks together. “Track groups” allow you to have more fine-grained control over your abstracts while keeping things organized.

Room Booking

“Quick Cancel”

Booking reminder e-mails now include a link to a “quick cancel” dialog.


Profile Photo

You can now set a photo on your Indico profile. We plan to slowly start using this image in places where your name shows up.


This is obviously opt-in and there is no synchronization with any identity providers (e.g. LDAP, CERN profile…).

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by the United Nations Office in Geneva

Improved Profile Layout

Still recognizable, but more spacious and more usable!

Download Events in ICS/iCal

You can now download an ICS feed with the events on your profile. This allows you to keep track of your Indico events on your mobile phone on favourite desktop Calendaring application.


Import data from another Event

It is now possible to import data from other events. This includes the event’s timetable, registrations, reminders and many other things.

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by the United Nations Office in Geneva

Override Map URL

You can now override the Map URL which will show up on your event’s display page. Before you could only have a map URL for rooms managed by Indico.

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by the United Nations Office in Geneva

Filter Event Log

The event log now allows filtering by related entries. This only applies to new log entries.

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by the United Nations Office in Geneva

UI Improvements

The new Navigate button allows you to quickly search for categories and access them directly.

Community Contribution

Feature kindly contributed by the United Nations Office in Geneva

Better time picker

We regularly get feedback from users who have issues with their browser’s default time picker widget (most often on Microsoft Edge). This could result in some users being locked in to AM/PM instead of 24h, or even “buggy” behaviour.

In order to save some of our users from that frustration, we have decided to use an Indico-specific time picker widget. We still believe general-purpose browser-based widgets are the way to go, but unfortunately not all browsers are fully there yet.


Block User

There is now an interface to block a user.

Technical Improvements

  • React and SemanticUI now usable across the whole application
    • Richer user interfaces with little effort
  • Lots of new template hooks

Introducing Indico 2.2 - featuring completely new room booking system!

Indico 2.2 is coming soon and we would like to introduce the new features to you. If you’re using Indico to manage room bookings, we are sure that you will particularly appreciate this release. Organizers of events and conferences always need to take care of booking spaces with specific requirements. We wanted to make this task much easier and better connected with Indico events.

New layout

The new Room Booking system has a completely new layout. The landing page let’s you start the booking directly and set up basic parameters from there. We also simplified the page menu. Now there are 3 basic pages:

  • Book a room - the option you will probably use the most,
  • List of rooms - giving an overview and details about rooms and
  • Bookings where you can consult already existing bookings.

Easy results filtering

To make the booking process easier we provide a filter bar that updates the available rooms results in real time (no need for another click to see room availability anymore!). It’s possible to filter by building, provided equipment, capacity etc.

On the booking page there’s also a map, showing the location of rooms on the list. It’s also possible to search for the room on the map and limit the results to what’s visible (click Show only rooms in this area) or book rooms directly from the map.

The search results can be consulted in two different views: list view (above) and timeline view (below).

The timeline view gives you a better idea about room availability on specific dates and during particular time intervals. It allows you to display the results in day, week and month time frames.

Alternative booking suggestions

We are aware of how difficult it can be to find an available room matching your criteria. To simplify the process, Indico will now sometimes suggest rooms that are a near match. That means that if shortening or slightly changing the time of your booking would make it viable, then Indico will let your know about it.

Splitting a booking

The new Room Booking adds an option to modify a recurring booking, even if it has already started. Splitting will keep the occurrences that already took place, cancel all the future ones and create new ones at the new times.

Booking from events

Over the years, we got a lot of suggestions from users wanting a tighter link between events and rooms. This is why we added the possibility to make a quick booking on event creation. Indico will immediately let you know whether the room you picked is free and ask you whether you’d like to book it.

When you’re booking a room, Indico will let you know if you have any event scheduled for given time and propose to link it automatically to the booking.

We have also improved the interface that allows rooms to be booked for an event. And in addition to contributions, you can now also book rooms for session blocks.

We hope you will like this release. As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any comments/suggestions!