Organise meetings, workshops and conferences across the globe, bridging different collaborative tools.

Events of Different Complexity

Lectures, meetings, workshops or conferences – Indico provides different feature sets for events with different levels of complexity. You will never need to bring with that USB flash drive ever again, or email yourself PPT files. Your participants will be able to easily find what is going on in your organisation and access presentation materials from anywhere.

Full Coverage of the Conference Lifecycle

Indico will help you organise your conference from the beginning. From registration and abstract submission to the final papers, conference materials are stored within the system and made available to participants from the event web page. We've got it all covered, even participant badges!

User-friendly Interface

Building a registration form would be a tedious task, were it not for Indico's WYSIWYG form designer. Timetables can be easily managed using a powerful "drag and drop" interface. Rich text? Mathematical formulae? We have them! We are constantly trying to make Indico simpler to use and more user-friendly.

Hierarchical Protection Scheme

Indico was built with a large organisation in mind (CERN). This is why events are organised using a hierarchy of categories and protection of resources can be defined at several granularity levels. From small schools to large enterprises, Indico is the intuitive solution for organised and secure event storage.

Easy retrieval of events

Indico allows you to quickly access the events that matter. Its "User Dashboard" tool will save you a lot of time. Quickly have a look at the events that are happening this week, or search for a specific keyword.

Room Booking Module

Companies, research institutes and universities often have the need to manage their rooms and keep track of their usage. Indico provides a flexible room booking module that allows for the delegation of room management capabilities, approval of bookings, management of audiovisual equipment and many other things, always in a transparent and intuitive way.

Integration with Collaborative Tools

Web-driven meetings are great, but video-conferencing makes them even more productive. Indico seamlessly integrates with Vidyo, allowing participants to connect with a single click. There is also built-in support for Jabber/XMPP chat rooms that can be associated to events.

Powerful REST API

Indico won’t keep your data hostage. We believe in open collaborative platforms, and this is why we provide a simple and powerful REST API that allows for easy retrieval of information. The API is in constant expansion. You can also export your event data from your favorite scheduling/calendaring app, through iCal feeds.

And you can help make it even better!