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Indico v1.2

If you need a detailed version of the installation process, please read this.


Simply run:

easy_install indico

If you are upgrading from 0.97, please note that the package has been renamed from cds-indico to indico. Make sure you delete the old .egg file before installing.

If you prefer to download the egg or tarball to install manually:


from 0.97.2 - 1.1.x

$ indico_initial_setup --existing-config=/opt/indico/etc/indico.conf
$ python /path/to/indico/bin/migration/ --prev-version=<version>

Replacing <version> by the version you are upgrading from (e.g. 1.1).

If you are using the Room Booking module, you should add the --with-rb parameter to indico_initial_setup;

from older versions

In this case you must go to the Downloads page and click on the version that follows yours. Install it and follow the migration instructions. Then proceed with the next version, and so forth, until you reach 0.97. Once you have done it to 0.97 you can proceed as explained in the previous section from 0.97.x/0.98/0.99/1.0.

A detailed explanation on how to migrate from 0.94 to 0.99 can be found here.

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