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Internal release that will include:

  • Room Booking Module migrated to new RDBMS.
  • New Whoosh Indexer for Category and Event names.

Milestone: v1.9.1

9 months late (12/31/14 00:00:00)

This version will provide:

  • a complete new DB backend (RDBMS)
  • a more modular Indico
  • a brand-new namespace

Some of the tasks are:

  • Online proceedings
  • Link existing Room Bookings to events
  • Linking closer Room Booking and Events
  • New registration form WYSIWYG edition and creation
  • Intelligent search of rooms (#238)
  • Allow to use registered participants in the ACL
  • Add more privacy indicators (to all documents)
  • Allow to add registrants/participants as speakers
  • Read-only view for track coordinators
  • Badges: allow to print for speakers, conveners, etc
  • Room booking: Reject and cancel several occurrences at the same time

Some of the tasks are:

  • Optimize web page rendering process (#26)
  • Improve the list of contributions by allowing to choose the columns to display (#772)
  • Shorten URLs for file access (#763)
  • Protection: setup global tools for the protection (#815)
  • Add more inline help (#382)

Some of the tasks are:

  • Choose between text, HTML or TeX abstract submissions (#810)
  • Improve Timetable PDF (#1122)
  • Registration form: include acceptance capabilities (#986)
  • Isolate CDS Conversion Server in a plugin that could be reused (#553)
  • Standard procedure to send emails to different people (#762)

Some of the tasks are:

  • Allow to customise alarm emails (#720)
  • Improve UX of Calendar View (#860)
  • Announcement header: allow user to close it and do not show again (#1049)
  • Favourite rooms (#60)
  • Invitation workflow for conferences (#183)
  • Timetable: Compact view and multi-days view (#96)
  • Event date poll (#759)
  • One more style for the conference timetable (#768)
  • iCal export for room bookings (#862)

Some of the tasks are:

  • Participants improvements:
    • notify organiser when somebody registers (#819)
    • import users from a given list (#822)
  • Creating invoices/ticket/bills for a registrant list (#751)
  • File management: add versioning (#761)
  • Add 'discussion duration' to contributions (#776)
  • Call for sessions (#752)
  • Import conf/contrib/session from a different DB (#753)

Some of the tasks are:

  • New timetable layout using weekdays as columns (#16)
  • Many registration forms for one conference (#86)
  • Accept an abstract for multiple tracks (#1064)
  • Improve the UX in the management area (#1181)
  • Track and Sessions: allow to match both organisational units
  • Improve Timetable Display (use better the free space)
  • Allow to customise the public list of registrants
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